Nokia looking to expand OLED screens

7:25 PM Edited by Blony

Nokia could well be about to expand the use of OLED screens in its smartphone line-up. At least this is the latest rumour coming out of the Far East, as manufacturers seem to be jostling for contracts to make the screens for Nokia. What do you think, should Nokia introduce more OLED screens? Find out more after the jump…

OLED (Organic Light Emitting Diode) is a relatively new type of display technology that uses a series of organic layers placed between two conductors. When an electrical charge is run through the circuit a light is emitted, hence the name. As the OLED circuit produces the light, you don’t need to add a backlight, so the screen can be thinner and lighter, as well as more power efficient.

At the moment, the only Nokia phone to use an OLED screen is the Nokia N85,. The same technology will also be used on the soon to be released N86. So, it’s not out of the question that Nokia would wish to introduce more OLED screens.

However, this report comes from Digitimes, which isn’t exactly known for its 100 per cent hit rate on stories, so it may not become reality for some time. The story states that two OLED manufacturers, TPO and Samsung Mobile Display (SMD), make the displays for Nokia and both are looking at rolling out more glass. So, we could well see more high-end smartphones appearing later this year.

Via: Digitimes