New Samsung filtrates: 2 Gravity T349

7:46 AM Edited by Blony

. Samsung-Mobile and T have always had a good relationship and we see these leaked photos and information that will continue with these 4 devices that come in November with support for the 3G network operator in the United States.

The first thing we see in the picture would be the Samsung Gravity 2 Gravity obvious successor, and oriented messaging with sliding QWERTY and alphanumeric keypad, you can see in two versions: red with pink and black with orange.

In the same photo (below right) is the Samsung T349 course is also aimed at the messenger as they see it has a keyboard with 20 buttons (although it is unclear how they are distributed).

After the jump we see in pictures of two other devices (touchscreen and a full one with very original design) to be filtered but of which we do not know the name:

The first is a full touchscreen that come with the TouchWiz interface, and so we have a 3-MPX camera so you most likely have a price.

The fourth filter device has no name but we see that also points to the courier with a design at least rare (it seems a mixture with Sidekick Clamshell) with an alphanumeric keypad and a QWERTY and two screens. Be available in 2 colors, but still do not know the price.