Motorola is preparing its successor A1200

10:41 AM Edited by Blony

. Released in 2006, Motorola A1200 MING became one of the most successful American telephone companies. It is therefore not surprising that Motorola has decided to squeeze out all of the popularity of its device. Recently, Argentina has announced a new mobile phone Motorola A1200R, which should become the successor of Motorola A1200.

There are practically no differences in the design between these two phones. However, there are several features in Motorola A1200R that make it a more attractive acquisition.

Perhaps the most important difference is the widgets support that provide users with information about weather, news, etc. In addition, Motorola A1200R has Microsoft Office documents editor, business card scanner, FM-tuner, and a power supply device includes a 1 gigabyte capacity memory card.

As in the Motorola A1200, as well as in the new unit there is a touch QVGA-display and 2-megapixel camera. The price and date of occurrence of Motorola A1200R market is not yet known.