Maema 5 Launches SDK

6:59 PM Edited by Blony

After quite some time without news Maema, the operating system that runs on the Nokia Internet Tablets, recently announced the launch of the Software Development Kit 5.0 Maema

And that includes the improvements are enough, because in addition to the support we saw in the Wimax Nokia N810 Internet Tablet Wimax Edition now support for HSPA connectivity, support for HD cameras (video and photos), OMAP3 processors and support for graphics acceleration via hardware plus a "support" for the development of widgets and a new version of Modest, the mail client of Nokia Internet Tablet.

And if I start to speculate a little and read BetweentheLines, as we will see a new Internet Tablet as to give developers a tool for an operating system can not run on existing equipment shows, simply and directly, being a New Nokia Internet Tablet ... finally have the iPod Touch competition? ;)


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