LG's dumbphone haul for AT&T: Shine 2, "Georgia," and something else?

10:07 PM Edited by Blony

It should come as no surprise that AT&T would be eager to replace one of its more popular, longer-lasting dumbphone staples with more modern hardware that retains the original's major selling points -- so when we found documentation backing up an earlier rumor that there was a Shine 2 in the works for later this year, we didn't bat an eye. Specs on this one should include a 2.2-inch QVGA display, 2 megapixel fixed focus cam, Bluetooth 2.1, microSD expansion, and 3.6Mbps HSDPA. We've got a tiny picture of this sucker in the gallery below, but it came equipped with a big "TBD" over the top of it (which we removed), so we're skeptical that this is the final ID of the device. Moving on, the "Georgia" -- pictured above -- is a slightly higher-end slider with a 2.8-inch wide QVGA display, accelerometer, 3 megapixel camera, and MediaFLO support. We're actually more curious about the phone that was clipped out of the shot to the left, though; the little snippet you see here is all we have, and we don't have any documentation to suggest whether it's coming to AT&T. Any juicy guesses?

Vía Engadget