La Repubblica finisce su iPhone ed iPod touch, tutte le notizie in un'applicazione

9:17 AM Edited by Blony

The Internet is now available to everyone, especially the latest generation of mobile phones that can access it easily and enjoy the service truly unique. So many possibilities, often offered for free, are now under the lights of the spotlight thanks to Melafonino; accomplices marketing strategies of Apple.

More and more companies and institutions, choose to advertise through this program well managed. Through the App Store, there are many applications of the various promotional companies. The last case is that of the Republic newspaper, which is also present on the virtual store of games and applications for iPhone and iPod touch.

It's called the Republic Mobile, and is free: you download from the official page and through an internet connection (or wireless network), you can access the contents of the news on the online newspaper. Through the application you can access the first page, the sports news, the photos, weather and news in real time. You can also customize the delivery of news, depending on the keywords you choose. More information on the official site.