The iPhone is for play, BlackBerry and Windows Mobile to work

7:11 AM Edited by Blony

According to the latest report from, 73% of users of the iPhone for personal use and for play, and that only 23% of users who use it to work.

This is consistent with the statistics of downloads of applications, where we had seen that the main categories, which take most of the downloads are games, entertainment, music or applications on the climate or social life. And this is reflected in this summary of the ranking with 25 applications installed on the iPhone, not a single productivity!

It also asked those iPhone users who told the three best applications they had in their iPhone, most referred to applications for climate (39%), for FaceBook (25%) or for games (20%). The application was referred Shazam, used to recognize music, and mentioned that 7% of users.

By contrast, 59% of users of Windows Mobile and BlackBerry use it for work and 41% for playing or for personal matters. No more words.

Via Bit Nytimes Blog