How Safe Do You Think Mobile Shopping Is?

8:41 AM Edited by Blony

Mobile shopping is increasingly popular among certain segments of the population but there are still a large percentage of people who believe that mobile phone shopping isn’t safe. In fact, a significant percentage of the population believes that their credit card companies are more reliable than cell phone companies for online billing in spite of the fact that there are few problems reported with mobile shopping security so far.

A recent poll by Harris Interactive reveals that over half of the people who have both cell phone bills and credit card bills believe that their credit card bills are the more accurate of the two. However, with mobile phone security steadily improving, a growing portion of the population does believe that mobile phone shopping might be safe. About one quarter of those surveyed believe that it’s safe already and nearly half believe that it’s at least somewhat safe to make purchases with your mobile phone.

Mobile security is only one issue affecting the interest in mobile shopping. Some people just aren’t into the idea even if it is proven to be safe. As with most trends in new technology, it is the younger generations that are most comfortable with using mobile phones for shopping. Sixty percent of people aged 18-34 are interested in mobile shopping; that number is nearly slashed in half for people over the age of 55. Interestingly, men are significantly more comfortable with the idea of mobile shopping than their female counterparts are.

As these people do start getting more and more comfortable with the idea of mobile shopping, there are key areas of mobile commerce that seem specifically susceptible to growth. Entertainment and food top the list of ideal mobile purchases. Travel-related purchases including hotel rooms and flights are also areas of potential mobile commerce growth.

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