General Mobile's DSTL1 with Android and two SIMs coming next month

1:38 AM Edited by Blony

. We briefly toyed with the DSTL1 at MWC a few months ago, coming away pleased with the Android-powered handset's design, its high-spec autofocus camera, and... well, the simple fact that it ran Android, given what a depressingly rare trait that was at the time (and still is, sadly). It looks like we'll all finally be able to pony up some cash for units of our own starting next month, with sales expected in the US and Turkey (odd combo, but whatevs) for somewhere between $550 and $750. For that princely sum, you'll get Android 1.5, WiFi, and a pair of EDGE-only SIMs -- not a killer feature in the US, granted, but in Asia, it's a pretty big deal. Curiously, it seems General Mobile has decided to call the DSTL1 the "Imaginary" -- which doesn't bode well for its vaporware status -- so we'll hold off on planning the launch party until after we see some of these bad boys for sale.

Via MobileBurn and Android Authority