The course at Stanford to develop iPhone already had 1 million downloads

7:16 AM Edited by Blony

Stanford University just announced that its free course for developing applications on iPhone and iPod Touch was downloaded a million times.

The official name is iPhone Application Programming and came to this incredible mark after just 7 weeks since he made his appearance on iTunesU, the section for universities and other educational institutions in store applications.

According to Jason Ediger, director of iTunes U & Mobile Learning from Apple, "this is faster than any current reached a million downloads."

Without doubt this initiative benefits Apple because it not only shows what you are capable platform for the education of way but continues to expand its developer community.

IPhone Application Programming Course is a series of videos from the Stanford class on developing applications for iPhone (which actually dictate the Apple engineers) that can be downloaded free of charge and comes with some performances and lines of code example.

Via cnet / / Link to iTunes