Continuing, the most negative of the mobile

7:05 AM Edited by Blony

. Simyo ADSL Zone and the site has published the results of a survey about the negative aspects of mobile telephony. Namely: misinformation, change of operator, mobile lock ... According to the 1500 respondents, the most negative of the mobile phone are on the one hand, contracts to stay (19%) and secondly, the price of calls or messages (18%).

In addition, a 57.4% of respondents say they would like to have more flexibility to switch from one operator to another and only 21.1% say that, after completing their commitment to permanence, the operator released the phone without putting pegas .

It is also significant that the vast majority of respondents, up 63.5%, has contracts to remain with their respective operator, and of these, 60% confess they are not properly informed of all conditions of the contract. According Simyo, which has always advocated the exact opposite of such practices, these users are "captive" of their operators.

Here you can view all the results of the survey.