Claro Blackberry Storm: book online

6:58 AM Edited by Blony

Argentina announced it clear that you can reserve your BlackBerry Storm in the country with full-page ads in major newspapers of the country and announced a Web address for reservations: but do not click it despite the huge investment means that the page did not work yet ...

This implies that the desperation to be the first to bring BlackBerry Storm returned to Argentina to play them against, and tried to be the first to add "online community portal wap" and in a display of ignorance themselves as great examples to Friendster One of the first networks exist but failed horribly done several years and Hi5 which is slightly less, an unknown in the market.

To understand it, if you put a full-page ad to say that they are the first non-losing investments in media and at least make a microsite to take data as they did with the iPhone 3G.