Carlos Santana is launching an iPhone app

7:18 PM Edited by Blony

. Carlos Santana doesn’t want to miss the boat, hence he (along with his marketing team) is launching an iPhone app, which is touted as a “comprehensive mobile gateway into the colorful and inspiring universe” of the famous guitarist.

As for the application features, users will find:

*Video lessons in which Carlos Santana demonstrates the guitar technique he used in the classic hits “Black Magic Woman” and “Oye Como Va”;

*Sampling of Santana’s most popular videos, plus live clips and behind-the-scenes tour footage;

*Santana discography.

It’s also interested to read what Carlos thinks about its iPhone application: “I was the guy who went from the smoke signals and the mirrors… straight into the iPhone, so I have no concept of computers. I was still with cassettes. And so it fascinates me just how much the human imagination has gone into making things accessible… I’m eager to ride that.”

Vía IntoMobile