Blackberry Storm in the 2 Gatera

6:18 AM Edited by Blony

. Gatera And when we say, we say that it is official and mouth of the CEO of RIM (not just the voice) that BlackBerry is working on the new Blackberry Storm that came through 2, with the Storm, which the young consumer market is unexploded depth .. and taking into account the non-corporate market includes over 50% of its user base, and where we are looking to grow.

BlackBerry covers and 475 mobile operators in over 160 countries and its revenue in the last quarter grew 84% a number that is supported by the corporate market because corporate continues to grow and receive innovations (just released BES 5.0) but not quasi-unlimited .... honestly do not understand why closed Blackberry Unite! because that service was a professional killer app for freelancers or small businesses.

Via Reuters