BlackBerry Storm 2 coming soon?

5:26 AM Edited by Blony

We saw the photos, we had a sort of confirmation from RIM, what's missing to know about the BlackBerry Storm 2?

Obviously this is the release date, rumors initially to end in 2009 but, perhaps, expected much earlier. It speaks of the end of June, perhaps to counter the Pre Palm and a new iPhone.

I just received an e-mail from an 'insider' who works for Verizon over in their offices located down the street. This person works on a senior level and has been right in the past with her information. She mentioned that Verizon has been training all their tech support last week and this week for the Storm 2. They have been told to be ready to support this by the end of this month. Could this mean the Storm 2 will be out by the end of this month? She could not confirm the day of the release but she did say it will be out soon. The end of next month the latest. She also did mention that the Storm 2 WILL have WiFi. She will be e-mailing me with documentation in the week and once I receive them, you will be the 2nd to see them.

For those who were not of practical English in the text below it says that Verizon operators have begun to train staff for technical support on the Storm 2 and that such instructions must be assimilated by the end of the month. It seems, then, we might expect the Storm 2 for the end of May or late June. It will have Wi-Fi.

This obviously refers to Verizon, unless there are secret agreements between RIM and Italian operators are still unaware of their existence.

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