Back-covers of Mobiles: best and worst for wear ‘n’ tear…

1:04 AM Edited by Blony

. BEST: contender: BlackBerry (NSDQ: RIMM) Bold - the faux-leather effect back case actually betrays what is a very nice idea for masking the effects of scratches etc

BEST: contender: Nokia (NYSE: NOK) N95-8GB - a thin covering of rubber-like material meant that the back-case didn’t easily scratch

WORST: contender: Nokia 8800 Scirocco - the removable back case of various Sciroccos that I saw in use scratched just by putting them in and out of the ‘protective leather sheath case’ that came with the device - to be accurate, the paint job on the devices wore away very easily….

WORST: contender: iPhone 3G - a very shiny case, that is contoured so that only the middle will sit on a flat surface, means many shallow scratches occur quickly. The bezel on my device also scratched very easily

Conclusion: is it too much to expect your device to remain reasonably scratch-free if you don’t have it in a special case? Well maybe, depends on how whether any engineering thought has gone in to the case design, as regards its wear - certainly it seems to vary between devices.

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