WM7 Standard version and is running on a HTC S620

9:03 AM Edited by Blony

. Microsoft is showing more and more clearly their Software + Services strategy, leveraged on several fronts. Already we have seen launched live updates, and although we have seen screenshots and details of the interface, are now showing photos WM7 nothing less than an HTC S620.

The special thing in this picture is to show your WM7 interface for WM Standard edition (version patito feo), not all that makes it glamorous chiche to HTC phones, like the accelerometer and the HD screens.

And although we know that the image is certainly a test, we can not but wonder what kind of improvement is implementing version 7 if it can run on WM 2006 devices and executing Streaming among other tasks?

Or in other words Should have a 1 GHz processor to run the most modern operating systems?. ...

Finally, after seeing these pictures, and beyond the change of shape and location of the functions within the screen, does not seem to have changed much since WM6.1 7. ;)