Wattpad, more than 100 thousand books on your iPhone, Blackberry and other phones

7:19 AM Edited by Blony

The ebook, or electronic books are gaining a good position in the market here. Certainly in other continents is already a booming fashion for some time, as shown by some products of interest to the reading of digital texts.

In mobile, it is the recent appearance of the first software capable of managing the standard for reading. There are, in fact, other products for all major platforms and Smarphone phones.

Today we present Wattpad, an ebook reader for iPhone / iPod touch, Blackberry, and most of the phones compatible with the J2ME technology. Besides being free, is a "social" is defined as the "Youtube of ebooks" because you can share their texts with the whole community and retrieve new downloading from the network. For iPhone OS, you can download from the App Store, while the other phones and Smartphones, you can visit the official website for information and download.