USIM with 1GB of memory, debuted in Korea

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. That promise of a megaSIM, from which Mariano spoke long ago begins to be realized in the east, where the Korean operator KTF has announced it will begin using a new type of USIM (Universal Subscriber Identity Module) for its customers.

With 1 GB of internal memory, the USIM card, they can only use the 3G phones, is capable of storing multimedia content, and would make "unnecessary" to transfer the files to the PC when a phone switches.

Until here all very nice, and certainly one can live happily with much less than 1GB;), but there are a couple of details that make the issue of USIM Gigas never be finalized:

==Are expensive, when compared to their premiums poor (even with the USIM 128 Kb) 1 GB of memory sounds like a lot now, but the SIM is not changed periodically as M2 or microSD cards, for example, that price drops 25% per quarter. Ie 1GB or any action which we are sounding great in a year must be redefined, according to the context of the time.
==Today many Smartphones brings 8 times more memory from the factory, so you move files or make back ups remains a need for many users.
==And the most obvious of all, if they steal your phone, you lose, or you crushed a car, and did not back up your photos, files, etc.., Remains a problem.
Keep all your photos or music files on your SIM?


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