The telephone operators recharge the earthquake to remain in contact with relatives, friends and police

8:18 AM Edited by Blony

Many users are reporting to me, and I carry over without all the official details, that the telephone operators, in addition to engaging with civil protection in putting in place the single number 48580, are generous to give a hand to the earthquake victims through ' supply of refills for all residents (even if not physically present) in aquilano territory.

Filelfo, residing in Avezzano, wrote:

We wanted to point out that I have just received a sms from Vodafone: "Dear Customer Vodafone has sent 5 euro in omaggio consentirledi to use the phone for emergency communications."

Same management was also made by TIM (which however has donated € 10) and Wind (from which started the initiative).

3 Italia, at the time, I have no news. In a comment I point out that 3 Italia has paid € 30 for residents.

It is useless to give on the basis of residence. A aquilano who lives in Milan does not need a refill that, say, may be useful to a fireman trentino away. Better than nothing, although some 'triangulation would not be unwelcome. Moreover, instead of real money, would provide more practical quantities of minutes and free SMS messages just to charges unrelated to expensive or not.