Spb Shell 3.0 Released, the best customizable interface for Windows Mobile

7:10 AM Edited by Blony

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Announced last February during the Mobile World Congress, Spb Mobile Shell 3.0 is now available. Produced by Spb software house, this is a user interface customized for Windows Mobile devices.

This product is without doubt the most comprehensive, innovative and flexible in terms of customization. Going to replace the main screen offers the user the ability to better manage their "work" and "private life", offering two different types of configurations, suitable to differentiate the views (a little 'as the latest series of terminals business of Nokia).

Mobile Shell 3.0 offers several configurable Widgets for quick access to various services (such as Facebook or weather), the quick list of favorite contacts, a launcher for applications, managing rapid profiling of use and connectivity, customization of the provision of content and more. Among the gems to tell you, there are the effects of transition from a 3D screens. The cost of is $ 29.95 (about € 23) you can test it free for 15 days. More information on the official site.