Sony Ericsson Idou delayed

6:53 AM Edited by Blony

It is inevitable to be anxious waiting for departure at the Sony Ericsson Idou stores because not only is the first mobile device with a camera of 12.1 MPX it reaches the market, but at the same time will be the first to bear the open mobile operating system Symbian Foundation.

Idou to remember that it formally presented in February at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, and some were ordered to stop running rumors that it was just a mock up of plastic and do not yet have a model that works. " However, on several occasions we were able to see photos and even a live video to rest assured that this was not the case.

Initially, Sony had stated that Ericsson would see Idou in July this year but now that date is disputed. Since the site would ensure that German Teltarif arriving in October or November of 2009 and perhaps, on the other hand, the Dutch mobile Cowboys are encouraged to predict that the Idou finally be in stores in the third quarter of 2009 (ie No later than September). Always Q3 to Q4 is better right? : P

In the gallery you can see new pictures of this beast live 12.1 MPX, in this case the silver version that appeared last week.