Shozu. Finally available for S60 5thEdition

10:10 AM Edited by Blony

Within a couple of months after release, Shozu finally, also on the Nokia 5800 and so on platform S60 5th edition.

For those who do not know, ShoZu is a tool that allows you to share our thoughts, images, video, GPS location, etc.. with major social network sites and present online. Whether to send email to convidar clip on Youtube or pictures to Picasa or Flickr, to update our profile Twitter or post on Blogger, with Shozu is possible.

Among the supported sites: Facebook, YouTube, Flickr, Google Picasa, OVI, BuzzNet, Hyves Kodak EasyShare Gallery, Webshots, Windows Live Spaces,, blip tv, Blogger, LiveJournal, TypePad, Vox, WordPress, Meta Weblog, Box . net and many others. To download, please visit the official website or by pointing your device address: