Shazam: recognition title and artist of a song from Blackberry

9:42 AM Edited by Blony

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The Shazam application there is new to us mobile blog, in fact, we have talked several times. To open the store official Rim for applications and games on the App World baby arrives above product.

Shazam, allows to recognize the artist and title of a song, just recorded a sample which is then analyzed in a vast remote database. This may be useful in all those cases where you hear a song but do not know the title and author.

Even more interesting is that the product is free. It pays, then, after 60 days of proof of service, only if you want all the advanced features offered by the program. E 'is compatible with devices with firmware 4.2 or higher, including: Bold 9000, Curve 83XX, Pearl 8220, 8900 Javelin, 81XX and 88XX. The App World is not yet available in Italy, for more information, please visit the following link: App World, and the official site.