The second Android T-Mobile and HTC still has no name

4:42 AM Edited by Blony

. T-Mobile is facing an inquiry to distinguish between some customers might be the best name for the second Android on the market, because Magic HTC, HTC G2 HTC Sapphire or unable to convercer to people looking for a name and marketing impact.

Apparently be evaluating different types of name:

**T-Mobile G3
**Genius 3G T-Mobile with Google
**MyTouch 3G T-Mobile with Google
**T-Mobile 3G Prism with Google
**Do what you do you prefer? What could be more successful?

Recall that the new Android T-Mobile, whatever its name, will include services for UMA Hotspot @ Home T-Mobile and a 5 MPX camera. There is also a wide selection of sales before launch HTC G1 HTC G2's, which already are available for less than $ 80.