Samsung TouchWiz prepares SDK

8:39 AM Edited by Blony

Samsung just announced it is working with Yahoo!, And for Google applications to its entire line of mobile with the TouchWiz interface. They called TouchWiz widgets and are expected to be preloaded on all these touchscreen devices.

But the future of the platform has a lot more horizon that some other widget, and also ensures that UI Evolution is already working on a set of developer tools (better known as SDK) to facilitate the task at the time of building applications Eclipse IDE for using mobile customize the interface and allows access to a simple code, FAQs, emulators and devices to upload the contents to the store Samsung Rich Connected Application storefront.

In addition, each of the devices with TouchWiz widgets have quick access to the services of their respective operations and new applications will work on anyone with this interface beyond the operating system, be it Symbian, Windows Mobile, or the Android OS Samsung.

It seems that after they learned that sold 10 million mobile touchscreen will bet all these markets and their interface.