Quickoffice arriving on the iPhone within a few weeks: Office document editing

10:00 AM Edited by Blony

Six months have passed from your Quickoffice official, who was preparing to launch the product the same name on devices equipped with iPhone OS. It seems that by April, will be released on the App Store Quickoffice suite for editing documents used in business.

In fact, the suite will be sold "gutted" to meet all the needs of users. There will be three applications:

-Quickword for editing Word file that will be sold at a price of $ 12.99,
approximately € 10
-Quicksheet for editing Excel documents, which provide
support to various mathematical formulas, that for the same price as Quickword
-Quickoffice, including both applications and will be sold on a promotional
$ 19.99, equivalent to about € 14
-Finally, MobileFiles, already released on
App Store, allows you to access their documents using the Mobile Me service, or
to synchronize those on your Computer

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