PocketTwit. Available the version 0.71 with group management, GPS and image!

5:05 AM Edited by Blony

Still new on the client needed to use Twitter on mobile. Today we talk about Pocket Twit, excellent client is free (open source, even!) For Windows Mobile.

A few months from release 0.70, which we have already had occasion to write, the author, Jake Stevenson, has just made available for download a new version 0.71, which adds a couple of interesting and certainly welcome news. Vediamole in more detail:
==Group management is now possible to group users into categories to make
it easier to manage the flow of information they produce;
==notifications, you can specify notification based on group-by-group. eg. you can make the telephone ring to make it vibrate with a new post in a group connected to our work, or leave it silent in the case of notifications less important;
==integration of services for uploading images Pikchur and Twitgoo;
==management of geo-tagging via GPS.


  1. Stephen said...

    Nice sharing. Now people can twit on mobile. Cool.

  2. charon said...

    is similar with virtual pocket pc bundle visual studio 2008?