Orange Vegas, the first terminal of exclusive Orange

8:02 AM Edited by Blony

. We have spoken repeatedly of the terminals Vodafone brand, which for several years as an alternative to offer those seeking a simple and cheap phone. I remember, Orange had not launched their own terminals ... until now, of course. French operator Orange has introduced the new Vegas, a touchscreen phone with 2.4 "TFT, GSM / GPRS, Bluetooth and 1.3 megapixel camera.

Has dimensions of 88.5 x 56 x 12mm and weighs only 80 grams. Its internal memory is 256 MB, but can be expanded with SD cards. Overall, a very interesting phone for anyone who wants a phone without too many complications, especially when you consider the price: from EUR 0 to Orange customers who hire the fusion product and 69 euros for prepaid customers.


  1. Technology said...

    Phone looks good and great features.

    good offer for orange customers .

    Need to grab one for me