Nokia remains the greenest as Greenpeace and Samsung

7:55 AM Edited by Blony

Greenpeace again updated its rankings of green electronics companies to version 11 with data from the month of March 2009, where Nokia continues to lead with a score rose to 7.5 compared with the list last November because of his "wisdom in program of voluntary collection of waste.

Samsung also improved their scores, reaching 6.9 (before 5.9) and reached the second position among other things, it "has launched mobile phone models manufactured partially BFR and developed memory chips and semiconductors for halogen-free applications." Recall that recently showed the Samsung Blue Earth is charged by solar energy.

For its part, Sony Ericsson (which was up less than 1 year) cut its rating to 5.7, dropping to third place "for his narrow definition of the principle of individual producer responsibility."

I recommend that you read the full report which specify why they are given that amount of points to see companies and ecological disasters that are Microsoft, Nintendo and HP, among others.