Nokia Comes With Music is not a hit in United Kingdom

5:44 AM Edited by Blony

In October last year opened the first in the United Kingdom music subscription service called Nokia Comes With Music but apparently was not what I expected.

Paul Brindley of the consulting business specializing in digital music Music Ally spoke at the Association of Independent Music Conference in London and said that Comes With Music has only 23 thousand UK users so far.

Neither was required to clarify that these statistics were "a great disappointment to the music industry." "I was kind enough not to say that this is a complete disaster. It is a big disappointment because we rarely, if any, was that a digital music service would be so widely promoted in the mass media, "Brindley completed while more than one executive Finn suffered a peak stress: P

At the same event was Tim Grimsditch, head of product marketing at Nokia Music, and responded: "We will not release those numbers so we can not confirm. This is a very new business model we operate in markets 5 and those numbers just mentioned one of them. We will continue to develop the model and adjusting the way they sell. " For the executive, Nokia will have a significant success for the service in six months and that Comes With Music in Singapore was very successful (but did not give numbers).

The first explanation of this alleged failure (because now I did not launch the service in Argentina in 5800) refers to the service comes with DRM that can not move songs to other devices. Consultant for the Music Ally, "people want to do what I want with the music. Users ask, why can not I put this on my iPod. Clearly, Nokia wants to use this as a way of removing people from their iPods. "

Remember that Nokia is already selling more Apple music players around the world so you really have to think which is the best strategy for its music service.