NFC by two: Launch delayed in Malaysia and USA

4:46 AM Edited by Blony

. Near Field Communications (NFC) is undoubtedly one of the most promising technologies of today in the industry of mobile devices and is also the fashion side of micropayments. Why? Because while you can implement micropayments with contactless chip cards (as in Argentina wallet for example), NFC opens the door to greater amount of payments with ease and impulsivity, as no keys are entered, or even get Your credit card wallet.

Now we see that VISA has implemented systems in the commercial form of payment through NFC operator in Malaysia with Maxis Mobile, through the bank Maybank, using the Nokia 6212, Mariano team that to us for some time. The information that the system is implemented in 1800 outlets (not many in fact), it is foreseeable that the amount was expanded with the addition of other phones and other players in the market soon.

While we talked yesterday about the lack of consumer interest in mobile banking on the USA, as we now see, despite the fact that Visa and MasterCard strongly encourage the development of NFC in the U.S. do not have the same support on the side of the cell phone manufacturers , operators or banks. What is the main stumbling block: how to divide profits Derib that use NFC. And while other markets also are investigating the matter, the pitfalls are the same.

And this is just one of the pitfalls, because although there are guidelines for the technical and commercial implementation of NFC, yet there is no standard for the technology, although work on the subject since 2007.

Finally, and without doubt it is a complex issue, the memorioso may find similar to the case of LBS services, operating only in markets where the ecosystem did not attempt to cannibalize itself, and could understand before it could google, it's better to share a part of a new business to keep traffic away from SMS, for example. ;)

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