New version for iPhone with fringe notifications offline

9:08 AM Edited by Blony

. A few days after presenting his new addition to Twitter, the people of fringe version 1.1.09 released for iPhone with some interesting news.

With this upgrade gives us the opportunity to choose whether we want to show our contacts that are offline. Another improvement is that instead changed the configuration options that are now inside the iPhone's general settings to avoid having to open if we make a fringe minor change.

You see the catch, there is a small symbol of a new flag in the top left of the screen where you dial, which if we push pull list to select the countries and our international code automatically.

The most interesting feature is that of the offline service that is well explained in this post, and named as the always-on addon that sends us emails when someone is trying to call or chat with us in any service that supports Fringe.

Thus, we can close the application but remain "connected". The service will begin in United Kingdom and United States (but promise to extend to all countries soon) when the iPhone OS 3.0.