MTV Mobile is promoting the download day: three songs mp3 free tomorrow

7:52 AM Edited by Blony

In the day tomorrow, Friday April 17, the managing partner MTV Mobile-TIM-organized DOWNLOAD DAY, dedicated, as reported in the press-officers "to digital music and its values of accessibility, portability and freedom."

For the first time in the history of mobile telephony will be torn down the boundaries between the actors: all the holders of any cellular mobile network operator will be able to draw from the music library MTV Mobile and download three free songs for each user in Mp3 format DRM free (no restrictions). Obviously, clients of virtual operator can then buy new tracks at a cost of € 0.99 each, priced given the new policy of Apple and its iTunes Store emblazoned more.

Just send an SMS with the syntax "DDAY" opened at number 339 9948048 for all: you will receive a code to enter the website, where anyone can choose the music you prefer, ranging from current hits to songs and pop songs more alternative .