The mobile phone that more mobile you can not ...

6:20 AM Edited by Blony

Just the other day we talked about as one of the actors from Heroes, Greg Grunberg, has participated in the making of an application for iPhone. Under no circumstances, however, I would have thought of being faced with a "superhero" that the phone has its own means of transport ...

But we have to just see them all, at least judging from the photos they are doing the rounds of internet, in these hours, the relatively self Howard Davis, CEO of a phone company called Datel Communications, which, in a flash of " genius, he thought that there's nothing better than to do a tour of the United States, with a lot of trust tights, driving a real Phone Car, a car that is prepared in a way that is similar to an old phone style, with a handset.

For those interested, the Phone Car is built on the skeleton of a cockchafer of 1975. Obviously, given the theme, the horn could be ... yes, you guessed it, a ringing phone;)

Via Gizmodo