Mobbler. Process proceeds to v0.4.0. Issued a private beta

7:04 AM Edited by Blony

Last.FM pity that, at least here in Italy we will no longer be used free of charge. Shame really, both for the quality of service, both for the goodness of the various applications, issued on cell phones and smartphones, which allow (allow) the use.

One of these is Mobbler, ottima S60 application which we have already spoken several times and which, for some time, is available only for testers, a beta of version 0.4.0.

The new version introduces some useful functions such as the possibility of set-off an hour (useful if you plan to listen to music before going to sleep), to configure whether or not you want to display album cover art or track listenable . Another new feature, the information now show that we are listening album and the presence of a new option 'View' to see our contacts, playlists, the dashboard, etc..

Sin, I repeat, really unfortunate that Last.FM has decided to become a paid service.