Kyocera Concept: kinetic and flexible

7:28 AM Edited by Blony

Lately we have seen several conceptual mobile phones, which covered an interesting range of perspectives, from those canopies, through which close to netbooks, even those intended for music lovers. And while one is seen more greenery, Kyocera EOS surprised by the simplicity and potential.
This is a concept phone that uses the movement of the user who carries to extract kinetic energy to charge, using an array of piezoelectric generators, allowing it to charge more the more you move your landlord.
Created by industrial designer Susan McKinney this phone is built on a semi-rigid polymer that allows it to fold flat on itself. Moreover, its OLED screen promises to consume very little power. And although it is certainly not the first foldable phone we've seen, whether it is more stylized.

The development team is taking the first steps in working with this phone that we expect to see in the near future. And if we realize that we are coming to mobile are charged with solar energy, the prospects that are most interesting.