iPhone and iPod touch use as military equipment?

9:05 AM Edited by Blony

Strengths of their nationalism, the United States of America may soon deploy iPhone and iPod touch technology in their military equipment. The Colonel says Jim Ross, head of the department, based in New Jersey of the Army's Intelligence, Electronic Warfare and Sensors Operations, describing the versatility of the two tools of Apple.

In fact, says Ross, a multitude of soldiers already know the two devices and their user interfaces, it is thus possible to make the most of a valuable and flexible tool polyvalent to the army. The adoption of such devices, would use technology such as GPS and use the connectivity to the Internet for the coordination of the military used to face foreign. The ability to install programs Hoc also allow multiple possibilities in the face of a price for the devices in question.

You can think, therefore, by simultaneous translators to use to communicate with local populations, or use facial recognition systems for the camera, or research issues for road signs and more. All are fascinating scenarios imaginable, who knows how to react to the outside world and how the Californian producer will respond to the question of its assets in technology. We shall see.