Implementation of Amazon for BlackBerry

8:59 AM Edited by Blony

Late last year, Amazon introduced its long-awaited application for iPhone and iPod Touch but do not sleep on our laurels and continue to expand the platforms of the app.

Just launch the application from Amazon for BlackBerry users that still the U.S. can download from the App Store Applications World because they are slow to update and make available the new app. So you want to have to download it to your BB navigate to

Like the iPhone app, Amazon comes with the BlackBerry on Amazon Remembers function, which allows you to take pictures of products we see on the street and upload the image to Amazon to search for similar items.

These are some of the things we can do with implementation, which so far works only on the BlackBerry trackball that have:

--Sign in to your Amazon account, cart, wish list, payment and shipping settings, history, and shopping with 1-Click and Amazon Prime.
--To track packages or modify orders using Your Account.
--Receive personalized recommendations.
--See user reviews
--Get bids