How to upload videos from Qik Facebook

5:53 AM Edited by Blony

. A couple of days in the official blog Qik announced the integration of streaming video service with mobile Facebook Connect to allow users to upload videos to the social network.

So now I leave some of the steps needed to configure the service to where they were recording a video will automatically upload to Facebook:

Once you're down on your Qik account, go to page setup networks (network settings) and when you add a service like Facebook gives you two options:

As you see in the image can make the option "Update my status and wall (my wall and status updates) if you want their contacts with the link at the very moment they are doing a streaming video. This option is on Twitter for some time so it's good to finally get to Facebook (even if they had connected the two accounts is more or less the same).

They can also make the option "Upload all videos to Facebook" (upload all videos to Facebook) and the video recording which will be uploaded to your videos of the social network immediately. Then as always be able to tag, share and comment on it. It is an option for those who do not mind uploading them all but I really want to upload to select which Facebook.