GMail now supports the viewing of PowerPoint documents and TIFF

6:12 AM Edited by Blony

Dates back to last April 23, the news of the new service of Google Apps for viewing PowerPoint documents, and TIFF. The service, accessible via browser, integrates with GMail, and its peculiarity lies in not having any need for special and expensive technology such as Flash or otherwise.

Thus, the added support to GMail might actually make the consultation email costly independent programs and are supported only by some Smartphone, as is still on the computer. However, some documents are not fully viewable on phones with HTML browsers, unlike most other types are supported such as PDF, doc and xls.

Google is moving quickly and just behind him there is only Microsoft Office with its online compatible with iPhone and high-end terminals. The future, therefore, is increasingly web-based ", even in the mobile.

via AppScout


  1. peenkfrik said...

    Wow! Google always makes things a lot better. ;)