Games on iPhone and iPod touch: 51 in 1

5:06 AM Edited by Blony

Seems to be back in time, when there were still the top console and portable salon and it was possible to acquire the mythical "cartridges" with more games in a single physical medium. For iPhone and iPod touch, reaches 51 All Games, a collection of fifty-arcade titles into a single product.

We have repeatedly said that Apple has made device capable of competing with a wide range of mobile gaming platforms. Even Nokia, with its tested and restored (in good) N-Gage, struggling to Starla behind. Today, for the joy and nostalgia lovers retrogaming, you can go play and very curious contrast in App Store.
All 51 Games, does not contain within it three-dimensional games or particularly modern, rather, is an archive of arcade type games. Developed by DS Effects, there are games picchiaduro, spaceships, sports, logic, etc.. Do not expect major titles, the price of the game is to € 0.79, but go back in time is priceless. Official page at the following address.