For Palm, after the Pre, the Post: the smartphone April fool's joke

7:05 AM Edited by Blony

The features of the Palm smatphone that, while continuing to work to Pre, has just announced (at CTIA 2009) of wanting to produce, they envy the best camera compact and lightest external hard drive into service, put together. To say nothing of your next potential reader with e-book e-ink technology. All this fun in a post published this morning, 1st April, at MobileCrunch.

The name of the product should be Post, as if to say how much later than the Pre, would be. And, despite the wonders that are said to be of Pre when he was presented a preview, actually in this case is to put your hands in your hair. The post will be based on the same WebOS with support multitouch display that should animate the President, with something very interesting at most hardware. Let's see what it is, in short:

connection 3.5g / 4G / 5G
WiFi / WiMax
21 MP camera with video to 1080p
Display 4.1 "AMOLED with E-ink" reader "
Bluetooth 4.0
battery charging and syncing via USB Wireless
128GB of flash memory
battery cell hydrogen: 2 weeks of conversation / 2 months of standby
HD projector with 5.1 channel surround sound
T10 auto correction system with intuitive prediction of thoughts