Faces, facial recognition on the iPhone

6:53 AM Edited by Blony

. One of the many things that users miss at least the iPhone is the ability to organize the photographs more efficiently. Faces perhaps, is developing an application that Polar Bear Farm, could solve this issue soon.

This is a facial recognition application which is responsible for identifying faces from different persons that appear in your photos and sort them into galleries based on that. When we catch a photo with iPhone camera (or look a picture that we have done previously), Faces displays some white boxes around the faces appear. Then we can touch those boxes and Faces will tell if this person has identified other photos (and therefore already have in your database) or if it was someone new. In that case, give us the option to enter your name

In addition, Faces integrates both with the phone contacts with Facebook and allows us to find our friends using tags or upload photos directly from a Facebook Faces. You have more information on its official website.