Dreams, available now in the App Store

6:48 AM Edited by Blony

. Playora Ltd. has announced the availability in the App Store Apple Dreams of his game. This is a title that we saw in the flash version for some time and that our main objective is to find the differences between two very similar images. The images will form a story with shades of fantasy starring a teenage girl named Emily.

As you can guess, the game takes advantage of the touch functions of the iPhone (or iPod Touch). For example, we can zoom in on images to view them in more detail and point out the differences touching the screen. For the game has some replay value, the differences in the images are not always the same. That is, although we leave the same pair of images, the differences are not always find them.

The game has a Lite version for those who want to try it before. In addition, you can check out the original version in flash.