Calgary came with Motorola Android

6:03 AM Edited by Blony

At the end of 2008 was leaked some of the models he would submit Motorola in 2009 including a sliding QWERTY keypad and touchscreen called Motorola BGR according to Calgary would be the first of the Android!

We must take this information as a rumor yet but I really like the idea because if it is confirmed by so Android would have a well-oriented messaging and social networks with an innovative design (the G1 is too rare and somewhat ugly, and while the Magic I7500 are full touchscreen) that appears to be a very interesting style Sidekick.

No further details except to note that the photo mounting and Verizon said that the first Android Motorola expected for the first half of the year. In addition, if you really are thinking of launching a social network itself, they chose the right device.

Furthermore, they reported that Motorola and Flash Inferno were also filtering, have been canceled while they would be working on a new device Codename Rolex style Motorola Aura.