Buying almost any cell with a solution of Duracell

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. Duracell has just relaunched its full line of chargers for mobile devices with a Duracell battery and charging the battery connector owner of the iPhone and iPod Touch, and several other models of cell phones by the microUSB port.

Provides 5 volts of power load and can be connected to any device that can be charged via USB, like all Windows Mobile, iPhone and BlackBerry with Desktop Manager. You can also load many Nokia, Sony Ericsson, Motorola, Samsung, LG and some, depending on the port that have, or MicroUSB owner.

Is priced at $ 17 and compete openly with the USB charger for the car we saw a few weeks ago, with that little gadget that lets you recharge any mobile phone with any AA battery that we saw a few years ago, and thought that with the Nokia solution to load cells with AA batteries.

Via MobileWhack


  1. Shaye said...

    Very handy indeed. Thanks for the info