BuddyWay. A useful free service for GPS tracking

9:52 AM Edited by Blony

BuddyWay this interesting, a real tracking system for free for mobile phones equipped with GPS and data connection.

Available for most existing mobile systems (JavaME, Windows Mobile and now S60), Buddyway provides access to a range of services geolocalisation very useful. Once installed and registered on the application, in fact, you can record, save and share our position and our paths with those who want, in real time, as well as import and view our trips on Google Earth, get statistics on them (length, height, length, etc..) or set of sensitive points around which we want to receive any notice. E 'can also create a real geo-note, to which our thoughts and are connected to a certain place.

What can we say? This is an excellent service, Moreover compatible with a commendable amount of mobile phones, which is expected to add even iPhone. If you plan to serve you try, you really do for you;)