BlackBerry continues to grow despite the crisis grew by 84%

11:38 PM Edited by Blony

RIM ended its fiscal year and 1 months ago today announced results for fiscal year 2008-2009: reported earnings of $ 11,070 million, 84% more than 6010 million last year, an amazing growth, even with the crisis through.

Approximately 3.9 million new subscriber accounts were added to the BlackBerry service in the last quarter, it reported that Blackberry has more than 25 million active devices, which creates a permanent revenue in terms of value added services and plans data sharing with mobile operators. Also in this new period will have extra income, just as you open the BlackBerry Application Store, App World, which operated more or less the same way as the Apple AppStore, iTunes.

Something that draws attention is that RIM has cash in cash for 2.24 billion dollars, allowing him to overcome any crisis. Therefore it is also found in the luxury, as we all fired anticipate hiring more than 3,000 employees during 2009.