Atom CPU on S60!

8:14 AM Edited by Blony

While the animals are increasingly insistent rumors that the soon appear first Netbook with Android operating system, even if Nokia is not on our hands.

Complice probably the recent announcement of a sharp fall in sales of mobile phones, the Finnish manufacturer has started to explore the possibilities to run your operating system on alternative platforms to the mobile, and so, a few days ago, began to appear online the first images of S60 compiled and running on a system based on ARM processor.

Nothing impressive, for charity, even for the poor quality and resolution of the images released. However, it is interesting to note that Nokia is doing even more of a thought to the possibility of extending the range of devices that use their OS. Whether it heralds a real war for the conquest of new markets? We are to see and wait, with patience and lots, lots of curiosity ...;)